Octo uses an M routine to manage the users of the database and other administrative tasks, called %ydboctoAdmin.


%ydboctoAdmin allows the user to add, delete and view a list of users with show.

Usage pattern:

yottadb -r %ydboctoAdmin <action> <subAction> <arguments>
  • <action> is either add, delete or show.

  • <subAction> refers to user or users.

  • <arguments> would be the specific arguments passed to the command.


The following is an example of adding users to the database:

yottadb -r %ydboctoAdmin add user OctoUser

This adds OctoUser as a user of the database, after verifying the password for the user.


The following is an example of deleting users from the database:

yottadb -r %ydboctoAdmin delete user OctoUser

This deletes OctoUser from the list of users in the database.


The following is an example of the database showing a list of users:

yottadb -r %ydboctoAdmin show users

This shows a list of the users of the database.